What’s On – July 2019


Although not quite so jam-packed with potential blockbusters, July is shaping up to be a huge month for releases overall, and certainly with something for everyone. From fiction to non-fiction, drama to action, comedy to romance and documentary to foreign language, virtually every cinematic taste has been catered for. If you find the weather getting too hot, or you’re just not the sunshine type, there ought to be plenty to keep you occupied and cool (providing your cinema has air conditioning) this summer.


Spider-Man: Far From Home (3rd)

Taking us into the next chapter of the MCU is the Spider-Man himself, Peter Parker, and his gaggle of school pals. After coming down from the epic highs and picking ourselves up from the aching lows that was Avengers: Endgame, hopefully this latest installment will give us a chance to breathe before the next big bad that comes to threaten the world. If Spider-Man: Homecoming and all of Spider-Man’s appearances in the MCU thus far are anything to go by, we can probably already begin the massive sigh of relief.


Midsommar (5th)

There are only two very valid reasons to see this movie: one, it’s an A24 movie, and two, it’s an Ari Aster movie. If you’ve seen Hereditary then you will understand that Aster is fast becoming the king of creepy (if you haven’t seen it then for god’s sake, do it now) and if you’ve seen anything released by A24 then you’re know you’re definitely in for something good. Florence Pugh is the lead in this movie, and she’s actually a good third reason to see it, as she is pretty bloody good in everything she does. Literally no reason to not make this your summer creep show.


The Dead Don’t Die (12th)

Giving off an air of Sam Raimi and George A. Romero, The Dead Don’t Die might not actually be just another zombie movie. Throw in the likes of Bill Murray and Adam Driver and you might even have something pretty special. Sprinkle on a healthy dose of comedy and it becomes something you should definitely add to your to-see list. With ridiculous cameos a-plenty, it has huge potential to be a real entertainer.

Non-English Language Choice:


Knife+Heart (5th)

With its poster and general aesthetic giving off a strong 70s/80s B-movie vibe, Knife+Heart feels familiar and yet fresh, if the trailer is anything to go by. It’s clearly not a movie for the more conservative moviegoer, however if you’re open-minded and perhaps more of a cinephile than most you will probably find something to enjoy about this wonderfully LGBT drama/horror. Go and get a little French in you.


Other July releases:

Escape Plan 3: The Extractors
Ibiza: The Silent Movie
Never Look Away
Prisoners of the Moon
The Queen’s Corgi
Vita and Virginia

Hollow Point

Annabelle Comes Home

The Brink
The Command/Kursk: The Last Mission
The Eight Hundred
Only You
Our Time
Super 30


The Edge
The Lion King
Lisbon Beat
Making Noise Quietly
My Friend the Polish Girl
Tell It to the Bees
Varda by Agnes


Are You Proud?
The Chambermaid
The Current War
Die Tomorrow
Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans
The Intruder
Of Fish and Foe
Teen Spirit

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