Greenland – Review



Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Writer: Chris Sparling
Cast: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd

End-of-the-world/apocalyptic/disaster movies have always been a stalwart of the movie world, even more so since computer graphics were introduced into filmmaking, and right now, with the current situation in the world, they feel that much more prevalent and relevant. It’s also no surprise really to see Gerard Butler helm yet another action/disaster film (he’s pretty much king of them at this point, though I feel the title of one of his previous disaster movies, Geostorm, would have been more appropriate for this movie than simply Greenland – whoever gave it that title needs to be fired). Put ol’ Gerry-B back together with his Angel Has Fallen director, throw in the writer of claustrophobic thriller Buried (you know, that one with Ryan Reynolds in a box), then I suppose you can chuck in a producer from the John Wick series (Basil Iwanyk), and you may have something fairly interesting on your hands. Is Greenland an edge-of-your-seat, end-of-the-world, entertaining type of blockbuster, or will you just be left high and dry as the world falls apart all around you?

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Malcolm & Marie – Review

Screenshot_2021-02-08 Malcolm Marie (2021)


Director: Sam Levinson
Writer: Sam Levinson
Cast: John David Washington, Zendaya

If you watch the trailer for Malcolm & Marie, you’re probably going to be thinking that it’ll be akin to dramatic minimalist indie films featuring two characters spurting out life-defining thoughts and paradigms to each other (a cousin to the likes of Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy, for example). You wouldn’t be far off in your assumptions, but neither would you be satisfied with the description. Written, shot, and released entirely during the coronavirus pandemic (with all appropriate precautions taken, we’re assured), the trailer for Levinson’s film boasts something of an intellectual nature (nobody does black and white upon initial release these days unless it’s to make a point), with some of the industry’s top talent performing at their absolute best. Does Malcolm & Marie scratch the existential itch that often comes with dialogue- and monologue-heavy indies, or are we just left scratching our heads?

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Return of the Tapes – an update.

People keep asking if I’m back and I haven’t really had an answer…”

Now, I’m no John Wick, and nobody has really asked if DoTT is coming back, but here we are, a good while since the last review/post. It’s been a crazy, crazy time for all of us the past twelve months. Part of that crazy time has involved losing our beloved cinemas either for long periods of time or, like for myself, permanently. Many of us, again including myself, have dealt with so many issues ranging from mental/physical health to job prospects and financial woes, and movies have always been an escape for all of us in some form or another. And hell, have we missed it.

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What’s On – September 2020


This month’s movie releases is coming to you at a very strange time. Cinemas are mostly open now up and down the UK, though where I live (Jersey, in the Channel Islands) our one and only cinema is still closed (it’s part of a huge well-known chain that stretches across Great Britain, and yet, despite Jersey being very low on the virus scale, our branch remains closed… I’m frustrated, as many of us here are, but I will digress no longer). With the current situation, there are two things we are uncertain of: 1. Will cinemas have to close again in the near future, should a second wave hit, and 2. Movie release dates. They are still constantly changing, mostly being pushed back (meaning all below releases are very much subject to change). But, we remain as positive as can be, and, to that end, here is a roundup of what will hopefully be hitting screens this month (here’s also hoping our cinema in Jersey comes back to us very soon…).

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What’s On – July 2020


…are… are we back? Is this it?? Are we seeing cinemas start to return (in the UK, rightly or wrongly) this month? If so, then there is MUCH to look forward to, many films that obviously had their releases postponed (some went on to be released via streaming services, others await a more cinematic introduction) will finally be making their way to the big screen, giving us all a chance to escape reality once again in one of our favourite ways. Admittedly this month’s not really quite as jam-packed with films as we’re used to seeing at this time of year, including a distinct lack of summer blockbusters and very few aimed at kids that would normally be appearing now in time for the summer holidays. But, at this point, we’ll take what we can get! As always, I’ve picked out three movies that may prove most appealing, but as mentioned, there’s not a lot to choose from (which, unfortunately, makes sense – cinemas will not have the time to show many films right now and so are unlikely to invest time in films that may not pull the much-needed money in right now).

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