My name is Laura and I will be your host throughout this website.

I started this website initially, after many years of false starts, to express my opinion on the latest cinema releases. I by no means call myself an expert – more of a critic-in-training – but I like to think my many years of watching all kinds of films and (more recently) studying film in my spare time go a long way in validating my views (at least to myself!). Many a year ago I wanted to be an actress, and I have a BA degree in Drama, so I feel a little qualified, if not quite yet on the level I hope to be, to have my reviews in the public domain.

I am always open to constructive criticism and opposing views, but I draw the line at overly defensive opinions that essentially amount to I’m-right-you’re-wrong-and-that’s-final. Film naturally promotes debate, and this must remain healthy and unoffensive if we are to all get along and encourage filmmakers to constantly strive for more inventive, thought-provoking and/or entertaining  high-quality films for us to enjoy.

So please enjoy this site, and be excellent to each other.



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