Tiny Tapes Reviews – April 2022


So, I have been rather busy of late. In fact, life has generally been a bit crazy over the past nine months (that makes it sound like I’ve been pregnant… if I was, it was only ever with food babies), so much so that my cinema-going has depleted enormously, sadly. I would normally focus only on new releases in cinemas and only on the odd occasion would I review a movie I’ve watched via streaming services. But now that my circumstances are a little different, and not to mention the circumstances of movies being released on different platforms, I’m not sure how much will change in Dawn of the Tapes’s near future. However, I do know I’ve found a way to catch up on movies and not stress myself out too much about writing extensive reviews.

Perhaps I actually have been pregnant, because today I present the birth of Tiny Tapes Reviews, where I will just give a quick lowdown on thoughts of movies I’m catching up with on days that I’m able to binge a bit. I may make it an end-of-the-month kind of thing, where I can pour my thoughts out on any movies I didn’t get to fully review, but we’ll see how it goes. This is a test-tube baby, we’ll see how it grows.

April’s TTRs consists of: CODA, West Side Story, The Power of the Dog, Being the Ricardos, tick, tick… BOOM!, Flee and Spencer.

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The Batman



Director: Matt Reeves
Writers: Matt Reeves, Peter Craig
Cast: Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, John Turturro, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, Peter Sarsgaard

You would be forgiven for wondering why we have yet another Batman movie with yet another actor portraying the infamous Dark Knight, and for the third time this century (fourth if you include Lego Batman). How many more versions could we possibly need, and could there really be any originality left to find? Well, Warner Bros. and writer/director Matt Reeves apparently thought this movie was necessary and gives (the) Batman an outing like he’s never had before. After all, if Superman can have numerous stories and actors, why can’t Batman? Was it worth the risk, or should they have left the Bat in his cave?

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2022 BAFTA Nominees and Winners


Don’t Look Up
Licorice Pizza
The Power of the Dog – WINNER


After Love – Aleem Khan (writer/director)
Boiling Point – Philip Barantini (writer), James Cummings (writer), Hester Ruoff (producer) [also produced by Bart Ruspoli)
The Harder They Fall – Jeymes Samuel (writer/director) [also written by Boaz Yakin] – WINNER
Keyboard Fantasies – Posy Dixon (writer/director), Liv Proctor (Producer)
Passing – Rebecca Hall (writer/director)

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House of Gucci


Director: Ridley Scott
Writers: Becky Johnston, Roberto Bentivegna
Cast: Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek, Jack Huston

The name ‘Gucci’ is synonymous with luxury, extravagance and flair. But behind the glamour, couture and high-end products is a dark story often relegated to the history books and swept under the gold-trimmed carpet, a story that has always been poised for a Hollywood movie. One can’t help but wonder if the founder of the fashion house, Guccio Gucci, could have ever imagined the conflicts that would arise amongst his descendants, eventually leading to no Gucci being involved in the brand. Of course, we have the whole ‘based on a true story’ disclaimer, but just how dramatic was the meteoric rise and calamitous fall of the Guccis, and has Ridley Scott made a decent film out of it?

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