Return of the Tapes – an update.

People keep asking if I’m back and I haven’t really had an answer…”

Now, I’m no John Wick, and nobody has really asked if DoTT is coming back, but here we are, a good while since the last review/post. It’s been a crazy, crazy time for all of us the past twelve months. Part of that crazy time has involved losing our beloved cinemas either for long periods of time or, like for myself, permanently. Many of us, again including myself, have dealt with so many issues ranging from mental/physical health to job prospects and financial woes, and movies have always been an escape for all of us in some form or another. And hell, have we missed it.

From a personal perspective, I reluctantly stepped back from writing reviews because, as mentioned, I relied on the cinema, but I also wanted to indugle in that escapism without having to delve deeper, as my mind just didn’t have the space. I also had to reconcile myself with the fact that the only cinema on the small island where I currently live, which closed its doors in March last year and never reopened, is likely to never reopen again (the reason is less financial and more political, so I won’t be getting in to that here), so now I, like all of us, must rely on streaming services, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (debatable, I know), but it’s just not the same experience.

Any regular readers of my reviews probably know that I mainly reviewed new cinema releases, mostly as a way to justify my constant cinema-going and to keep a kind of record of what I’ve seen and what I thought. Now, I’m learning to navigate my world that has sadly become void of the big screen experience (until I am finally able to move off-island again), and so I have decided to look toward new releases on streaming services in order to keep Dawn of the Tapes alive. I sometimes found writing reviews to be a bit tiresome, but I always loved the satisfaction that came after hitting ‘publish’, and I truly miss that feeling. For me, this site has never been about drawing in readers or showing off a level of critiquing – I know my writing is far from professional; I’m not here to impress anyone with my vocabulary or ability (or lack of) to structure an article or argument -, it’s been about my own passion for films and sharing a thought or two.

And to that end:

“…but yeah, I’m thinkin’ I’m back.”

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