What’s On – March 2019


Now that awards season is (mostly) out of the way, the pressure lessens and the entertainment can resume (kind of). March has quite the eclectic mix of genres, from potential blockbusters in the form of the long-anticipated, first female-fronted offering from the MCU, Captain Marvel, and Tim Burton’s live-action version of Disney’s Dumbo, to the more indie but no-less worthy likes of The Kindergarten Teacher and Lords of Chaos. Consider this a month in which to ease yourself into the upcoming summer season of films.


Captain Marvel (8th)

After the success of the DCEU’s Wonder Woman in 2017 (and their only real success story to date), it was only a matter of time before Marvel followed suit by giving one of their biggest female heroes her own movie. We’re yet to see Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, feature in any Marvel film, so we don’t yet know what or how she fits into the events of Avengers: Infinity War or the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. The trailer is exciting, the casting of Brie Larson is potentially perfect, all we need now is a good (origin?) story for Captain Marvel and a decent link to all the shit Thanos has thrown at the proverbial fan. Please be good please be good please be good…


Us (22nd)

After the major succes of his 2017 horror/thriller Get Out, writer/director Jordan Peele is back with something that looks very similar, in a good way. If you enjoyed Get Out, it looks highly likely you may also enjoy Us, another horror/thriller centered around a family trying to fend off a strange group of intruders that look just like them. It’s likely Peele will have thrown in more of the social commentary and subtext that got people talking about and enjoying Get Out, but in a way that keeps things fresh and, ultimately, entertaining. Perhaps even award-winning again?


Lords of Chaos (29th)

This one is kind of a wild card that I’m taking a chance on, partly because the trailer is very intriguing, and partly because its main star is arguably the best of the Culkins. Based in Norway in the late 1980s/early 1990s, it’s about a young guy trying to start the trend of Norwegian Black Metal, but things take quite the sour turn when his band Mayhem try to pull out all the stops to grab people’s attention. It’s something a bit different (at least to me) from most films around at the moment, and could also be something for those who like to think certain genres of music cause reckless and often fatal behaviour. Or maybe if you just don’t fancy seeing an elephant fly or care much about what happened to Spider-Man this month, then this could be something for you instead.

Non-English Language Choice:


Border (8th)

You can’t go entirely wrong with a film written by the same guy who gave us 2008’s Let the Right One In, that guy being John Ajvide Lindqvist. On watching the trailer and reading a plot synopsis, it’s a Swedish film that involves controversial themes and a plot that could be a bit much for you average movie-goer. However, the way fantastical elements converge with reality to create something entertaining and intriguing in Let the Right One In could be a sign of something similar to come from Border, albeit via a very dark route. It definitely looks worth a watch, but maybe take a deep breath beforehand.


Other Releases:

The Aftermath
Burning Men
Foxtrot Six
The Hole in the Ground
What They Had

Cleft Lip
Everybody Knows
The Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Bala
Ray & Liz
Scotch – The Golden Dram

Ben Is Back
The Fight
Fishermen’s Friends
Harvie and the Magic Museum
The Prodigy
Under the Silver Lake
What Men Want

The Informer
The White Crow

At Eternity’s Gate
Captive State
The Vanishing

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